Because Network Downtime is Not an Option
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Cost Effective Networking
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for your Business World
"Your Network is Mission Critical"

Your productivity: if your network, connecting your PCs, printers and copiers no longer worked?

Your business: if you couldn’t communicate via email to customers or if your financial or ordering systems were not available?

Your reputation: if you missed delivery dates or miss-shipped due to network downtime?

Your bottom line: if your employees couldn’t be productive or your reputation was compromised?

From competing for profitable contracts to maximizing technical resources, your network is critical in driving your business' success. Your network needs to be:

Responsive, Flexible, Efficient, and Precise

"When network downtime is not an option"

ADAX will eliminate up to 80% of those emergency service calls for the same price or less than what you are currently paying!

Proper service delivery can almost eliminate emergency service calls and the downtime and lack of productivity associated to your current reactive model.

"Whether our network was slow or completely down, we were constantly having issues. Primetime showed us the value of having an IT partner who could monitor our network 24x7. By supplying us with proactive, remote services for our network, we are able to focus on our customers. Primetime gives us that edge!”

George Helmer
Owner, Stag Systems
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